February 11, 2011

Governor Walker is preparing the National Guard

But at the same time Governor Walker says he's not anticipating any problems. What other reason might there be for preparing the National Guard except in anticipation of a problem? Provocation?

BizTimes Milwaukee calls it "threatening" and a "taunt."

That's no stretch, considering Walker's oxymoronic pronouncement.

"Push too hard and this governor could go for the complete union kill shot." — Madison's wing-nut blogger and Walker man David Blaska

Nice touch.


Anonymous said...

we state employes are inviting the egyptian protestors to provide help in organizing at capitol square. (muslim brotherhood excluded) maybe we can have the same success they did, and walker will be exiled to charlie sykes' studio.

Jack said...

Would you blast Walker for NOT having a plan in place if there is an illegal strike by corrections personnel or a sick out or other tactics used by the union and it's members?

illusory tenant said...

I would expect a plan in place. It's the "taunting" and "threatening" of workers I think is inappropriate. Either Walker overestimates both the militancy and the irresponsibility of his employees, or else his brain is so steeped in conservative dogma he's developed an irrational fear of organized labor.

M Colins said...

No recognition apparently of the fact that Walker announced he would use National Guard to perform duties that could be interrupted by a work stoppage, rather than suppress demonstrators as you blithely and falsely suggest.