February 22, 2011

Wisconsin GOP shenanigans "certainly" illegal

Last Friday, Wisconsin Republicans scheduled a vote in the State Assembly for five p.m., then started taking the votes several minutes before, prior to the Democrats arriving in the chamber.
Bob Dreps, a lawyer who handles open government cases, said voting before the scheduled start time for a legislative session "certainly violates" State law.
The vote was then rescinded, and as Dreps says, rescinding it moots any court challenge, but that doesn't make the voting any less illegal.

Meanwhile those same Republicans and their leader, Scott Walker, are busy excoriating Senate Democrats for avoiding a vote in that other chamber. Yet are those Democrats doing anything illegal?

No. Only the Republicans broke the law.


Display Name said...

"Sie haben sich die Volksregierung geschlossen, und das ist nicht akzeptabel, unser F├╝hrer", sagte Fitzgerald.

Anonymous said...

They might not be able to understand Foust's quote in Fitzgerald's district any more, but a century ago half the people there would have spoken up in informed response.