January 31, 2010

West Bend: On the issues

*UPDATE 02/01/10*

Nobody here but us leftist reactionaries

Declares David Weigand, a candidate for the Board of Education in the West Bend School District:

In a nutshell, this is what I believe:

1. Origin studies, (whether Creation or evolution) and the idea of "millions of years" does not belong in the science classroom because these are not testable, repeatable or observable; they are philosophical and accepted by faith.

2. If evolution is taught in school, students should be taught the truth about it and the scientific data surrounding it. Ideas that were once championed by evolutionists are no longer valid, much like the false science behind man-made global warming. Students deserve the truth.
"Nutshell" is kind of an unfortunate choice of words.

Announce top Wisconsin bloggers "Boots and Sabers":*
Nobody but leftist reactionaries even consider this an issue in this election.
Leftist reactionaries like David Weigand, apparently.

Mr. Weigand's policies would forbid the children from viewing any images of this object,** which is 11 million light years from Earth.

This is also why nobody should look at our Sun: not because doing so will fry your retinas to a crisp, but because the Sun is so eight minutes ago, and seeing into the past is a form of necromancy.***

* Not sure whether that was Boots or Sabers.

** Note the devious photoshop by NASA: the strings suspending the galaxy from the firmament are virtually undetectable.

*** Deut. xviii 10-11.


Display Name said...

"Not testable, repeatable or observable"? Makes you wonder what sort of proof would be good enough for him on any topic.

As for whether it was Boots or Sabers, I bet that like many couples, they just take turns.

As for the firmament and its suspenders, let us reflect on the words of a wise man: "The universe is a big place, perhaps the biggest."

illusory tenant said...

Makes you wonder what sort of proof would be good enough for him on any topic.

Hovind's $250K Challenge.

Pete Gruett said...

Perhaps, instead of forcing the poor kids to be subjected to a litany of equally ridiculous origin myths, somebody could just force Dave Weigand to read Asimov's The Relativity of Wrong. It's probably a good idea for everyone to read it, actually.

illusory tenant said...

My hit counter might break today.

Unknown said...

Let the science teachers teach science - not theology.

to open mindedness said...

I would like to thank God that people like Mr. Weigand are willing to approach today's issues with and open mind. I'm very pleased that he is willing to allow that open mindedness to be taught in our schools. Sadly, I will not be able to express my support any further because regrettably, science has yet to bring us to the point of allowing blogs and computers to work. Good luck in the election Mr. Weigand, I'm praying for you.