January 23, 2010

Ask the Brennan Center

To whom it may concern,

On January 21, 2010, Justice Michael Gableman of the Wisconsin Supreme Court made the following statement:
I note the flood of groups and organizations who have an interest in doing away with an elected judiciary and I see this letter dated January 21 from Brennan Center For Justice and Justice At Stake, two organizations who I believe have a mission to eliminate the citizens' rights to vote for judges. And I think it's entirely legitimate — not [only] legitimate, I think it's essential that we wonder who it is that's supporting different positions and if these groups are proposing changes which have as their real mission to do away with the citizens' rights to vote for their judges, then we at this table must be gravely concerned.
Is it true that the Brennan Center For Justice's mission is "to eliminate the citizens' rights to vote for judges" in Wisconsin?

Thanks in advance.

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Pete Gruett said...

One would think the right-wing would've put somebody up for that seat who could do a better job of not sounding like a dull-witted political hack. Then again, that may have been his appeal.