January 14, 2010

Ziemer patriarchy challenged

David Ziemer: My favorite TV show, "Big Love," is back on the air for a new season. . . .

At least one reader is not amused:
Once again another (usually male) armchair pundit attempts a simplistic analysis of polygamy after "learning" everything he needs to know from watching 'Big Love' as though it were a documentary.

Ziemer wants the chance to write a constitutional defense for "the nice man on the TV" with three wives but is not interested in challenging precedent set by Reynolds. That's because Reynolds is the real world of case law and such a futile challenge would require using a different body organ....a brain.
Wisconsin Law Journal*

* A pretty good paying gig, if they can afford HBO. I had to wait two years for the public library to get a copy of Deadwood, season one.

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