January 18, 2010

Even Alfred Regnery

Even Alfred Regnery, who was once famous here for staging a fake attack on his pregnant wife in hopes it would earn him sympathy votes in his race to become Dane County district attorney, has signed a petition urging Butler's defeat.

Incredibly, the questionable attacks on Butler that helped end his Supreme Court tenure have followed him to the Republican caucus in the U.S. Senate.
There's nothing incredible about it. This is how these creeps operate. Why else would the dean of Jerry Falwell's law school in Virginia care who is sitting on a trial court at Madison, WI.


Grant said...

Oh my.

Grant said...

Added: I suppose Mr. Regnery would also be categorized by certain local thinkers as "unorthodox."

illusory tenant said...

Probably unorthodox also.