January 8, 2010

Code of judicial conduct followed

Or: Why can't that darn WMC just leave me in peace?
Q: Donald Pagel of Whitefish Bay - Where do you stand on 2nd Amendment right of citizens to own firearms? Also, would you support a law in [Wisconsin] commonly called "concealed carry law"?

A: Michael Gableman - I am prohibited from commenting by the judicial code of conduct of expressing specific positions on issues that are likely to come before the court.
No agonizing over that one (nor free speech concerns, apparently).
Q: Dean Mundy of Waukesha - Do you repudiate ads by those who are supporting your election and even your own campaign, that depict your opponent in a manner that most disinterested observers and even some supporters say is false and misleading? Why have you chosen to campaign this way?

A: Michael Gableman - I have quite clearly stated that I wish that third party groups would take their interests elsewhere to allow us to have a more positive tone in this election.
Très drôle.

POLITICS PLUS Chat, 03/21/08.

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