January 5, 2010

Tiger: Rub Brit Hume's belly for good luck

Great Moments in Journalism with Your Host Don Imus (YouTube)
Charles McCord: I adore Brit Hume. I wanna have his children.

Don Imus: And what kind of ... the other people around the [Fox "News"] table there, the lady from Fortune and the nut from, wherever he's from, Kristol ...
Actually William Kristol, whose own sins are arguably more universal than are Tiger Woods', could barely keep from laughing out loud.

Related: Reject secularism, commands newly installed archbishop*
In our own American society we must present a clear alternative to the established secular religion which permeates our daily lives.
Secular religion = constitutional law? Sounds to me as if the archbishop is alleging a whole series of First Amendment violations. Or else fixing to commit some. The only locally established secular religion I can think of congregates this Sunday at Glendale, AZ.

* A "long parade of mostly white and elderly men." Those being the Divinely-selected Revisors of Statutes, or so they inform us.

Would that the latest installee embrace a more rigorous approach to moral inquiry than did a recent predecessor (who was reportedly among the elderly white men concelebrating yesterday's installation).

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Anonymous said...

when mel brooks was one of the recipients of the kennedy center honors last week, they did a production number which included his "inquisition" number from his film,"history of the world," complete with nuns. i was hoping they'd include that number at the archbishop's ceremony.