January 22, 2010

That will pay for about three lunches

The new J.F. Crow Institute for the Study of Evolution at the University of Wisconsin will bring together 70 faculty members who study evolution in seven different schools and colleges.

While other universities have a department or graduate program for evolutionary biology, at UW-Madison, such scientists are scattered across campus, said David Baum, a botany professor.

The institute will have a starting budget of roughly $7,000.
Among the 70 is Elliot Sober, the estimable philosopher of science.

Meanwhile Mpeterson smokes out the creationist aspirants to the West Bend school board. West Bend (of kitchen appliance fame) is the seat at Washington County, one of the State's most conservative.

The candidate questionnaire* went a little something like this:
What is your position relative to teaching alternate theories of origins such as Intelligent Design and Creationism as an alternative, or in addition to, the the theory of evolution to students in science classrooms? (Choose: Favor/Against)
Two are in favor, one against, two abstentions, and three nolo respondos. One abstainer adds parenthetically, "I would be FOR teaching the TRUTH about evolution."

Not sure which side that one's on. But if Wacked Out West Bend's summing up is any indication, from Mr. Dave Weigand's TRUTH there wafts a fragrant pong of the familiarly suspicious.

So mark that 60% of respondents in "favor." Chilling.

* Courtesy the jokers at Eagle Forum.


Grant said...

Elliot Sober, the estimable philosopher of science

I don't believe you. You just made that name up.

illusory tenant said...

What, philsopher of science?

Grant said...

I might have swallowed "Ron Reasonable." Or maybe "James Analytical."

For reals, I'll have to check him out. I just finished reading Feyerabend, and could stand a bit of sobriety.

illusory tenant said...

I might have swallowed "Ron Reasonable." Or maybe "James Analytical."

Ha. I shoulda got that.

He's on the tubes.

Mpeterson said...

Eliot's rather famous, in fact.