January 23, 2010

Operation Codpiece

Junior Alyssa Barczak said grinding "is the way that we (students) dance. This is not just a Menomonee Falls dance style."

She described a nonexcessive grinding as a boy standing behind a girl with full body contact. His hands are at her waist and they rock back and forth, she said.
Grinding at school dances raises ... eyebrows


Clutch said...

Freshman Keaton Shurilla was vocal in his opposition to any type of grinding.

"I can't think of a situation where a man's genitals touching someone's butt … is not sexual," Keaton said.

Unlike dancing more generally, long noted for its lack of sexual connotations for freshmen over the decades.

Ordinary Jill said...

Does the school dress code allow for the wearing of codpieces? Because some of those Henry VIII-era fashions could be dangerous on a crowded dance floor.

illusory tenant said...

Put somebody's eye out.

Jim said...

I want some video of old white people talking about grinding. Hilarious.