March 8, 2009

Strict constructionist creates exceptions

Welly welly welly well:
Court records show that in the months after he became a Jefferson County judge in August 1999, Randy Koschnick repeatedly handled criminal and civil cases involving lawyers who had donated to his spring election.
Can't say we didn't see that coming.

As I have been saying for some time, the Hon. Randy R. Koschnick is not exactly delivering the most coherent of political messages.

Earlier: Koschnick is shocked, shocked I tell you


Anonymous said...

The only surprise is that the JS reported it.

Brett said...

An interesting aside is that the "judicial conservative" draws a "bright line no no rule" at contributions from lawyers that have cases pending. I'm waiting for this conservative judge who does not make law tell us the plain-language-as-written-no-public-policy legal basis for his position.

(Still waiting, that is).

illusory tenant said...

"When the voters compare our philosophies, they'll prefer my judicially conservative philosophy, because it enhances public safety, and because it creates a more stable business environment, which is good for our economy." — Koschnick 01/29/09

If that isn't a campaign promise to help shape public policy, then I don't know what is.