March 7, 2009

McAdams paranoia update

Prof. John McAdams, who allegedly instructs his students in the discipline of political "science" at Marquette University, has gone 'round the twist over some Christian group which was apparently temporarily denied something or other by some school for not adequately conforming to that school's policies.

Knees jerking uncontrollably, Prof. McAdams lashes out at a beloved boogeyman, "Anti-Christian Bigotry!!!1" and continues by hooting, "There HAS TO BE an active animus against Christians here."

Yes, there simply has to be! What else could possibly explain it?!

One would indeed be hard pressed to discover a more impressive demonstration of a phenomenon understood in the academic trades as confirmation bias.

Not only that, but this clearly discernible "active animus" is "extremely common" among college bureaucrats, sez the political "scientist," doubtless relying on the peer-reviewed literature.

Perhaps not entirely coincidentally, Prof. McAdams's link to the relevant Faux News report also contains reference to the following helpful study, which itself has evidently thus far gone unheeded:

Because the more effective ones evacuate bugs also.

More McAdams here.


Display Name said...

Where there's smoke, there's got to be fire!

Or maybe something less smoky, but less conducive to anti-Christian-bigotry press releases: "Dr. Dan Abrahamowicz, Vice President for Student Affairs at Wright State University, said this week that the group was not banned from campus. Abrahamowicz said that, every year, groups have to resubmit their respective constitutions and be reauthorized as recognized university organizations. Last May, he said, 200 groups went through the process and CBF did not submit the necessary materials."

krshorewood said...

Actually McMadman elicits anti-Christian biggotrry.

Nullifidian said...

It never fails to amaze me how someone who can be so sane on the subject of Kennedy conspiracy theories can be so bugfuck crazy about everything else.