March 26, 2009

Judicial conservative seeks prior restraint

Isn't this something:
Supreme Court candidate Randy Koschnick said Thursday he will ask television stations to stop airing an attack ad run by a special interest group that he called "demonstrably false."
Yet Koschnick is fine with authorizing his own campaign "adviser" to lie shamelessly about the Chief Justice. How about them apples. Apparently it's perfectly okay for Judge Koschnick to wage a purely negative political campaign, at least until the tables turn, that is.

I'm afraid Koschnick set himself up for just this sort of response in the first place, by cherry picking through selected opinions of the Supreme Court and implicitly telegraphing promises to rule otherwise when confronted with similar questions. What else did he expect?

Even worse news for Koschnick: Steven Walters is on vacation.

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