March 13, 2009

I have never read Megan McArdle

And after gaping at this, I probably never will again:
I find [Jon] Stewart disturbing because [he is] making powerful statements, and then when he gets called on [them], retreating into the claim that well, you can't really expect him to act as if he were being taken seriously.
What a clueless media naïf. And a "leading blogger." How sad. Either that or she doesn't know Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer apart.

Then again, since Jon Stewart is the most effective media critic in the country, the more people he makes uncomfortable, the better.

Watch Jon Stewart "retreating" here.


Anonymous said...

Another character from the New Media Dunciad:

"Stewart has always had a messianic streak to his political satire."

illusory tenant said...


The press' veiled resentment against Jon Stewart isn't surprising. After all, he's doing what they're supposed to be doing. What was surprising, though, was Cramer sitting there and accepting the flagellation.