March 14, 2009

Judge's campaign person insults 260 judges

Seamus Flaherty, who is reportedly an "adviser" to Jefferson County Circuit Judge Randy Koschnick's political campaign, boldly declares that 260 Wisconsin judges favor Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson over his main man simply because "she's their leader and boss."

And he compares them to cattle on a dairy farm. Judicial notice is hereby taken that cows are not noted primarily for their intelligence.

Mr. Seamus Flaherty would be well advised toward greater circumspection with respect to such comparisons, as he udderly fabricated another of his own — with the express written authorization of none other than Judge Randy Koschnick himself — to shamelessly lie about the Chief Justice in a March 11 press release.

You stay classy, boys.

1 comment:

Brett said...

Judicial notice: Seamus speak = dairy air.