March 10, 2009

Chas. Sykes, MPS expert

Updated below

Local medium wave howler/buffoon Charlie Sykes, a self-styled expert in and caustic critic of public education, doesn't even know which institutions are within the Milwaukee Public Schools system.

Linking to some autobot-blog called WalletPop, Sykes asserts that three of the so-called "25 Worst Performing Public Schools in America" are MPS schools, including the third and fourth "worst."

"Grim," ponders the insightful AM radio squawker, grimly.

Except neither of the two has much, if anything, to do with MPS. Indeed, one of them apparently ceased to exist several years ago.

The third school (25th "worst"), Milwaukee Spectrum, is an affiliate, founded by a group of nuns in the 1970s and partnered with MPS a few years later. It's designed for the special needs of a few dozen "at-risk" young women. Yes, let's all pile on them, shall we? Classy.

Outstanding work, Sykes.

eta: The Chief and MPS teacher Jay Bullock follow up. Jay notes the "ratings" were compiled by a real estate concern, therefore Sykes, who resides in the comfortable suburbs of Mequon, needn't worry himself over being molested by either teenage girls or the nuns.


AutismNewsBeat said...

Sykes used to be a respected intellectual and journalist. No, wait, that was someone else. Forget what I wrote.

Jb said...

And that's just the start of it.

Anonymous said...

he has a sort of conflict of interest that he's never revealed.i think it stems from personal animus toward public schools as a result of a family member leaving nicolet h.s.