March 14, 2009

Maybe he could read the opinions?

As they might possibly contain a clue:
"I just don't see why [Wisconsin Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson] sees cases the way she does ... favoring criminal defendants' rights over public safety," Koschnick, 48, said.
Self-described conservative judge says he can improve society

That would be the same judge who claims the judiciary shouldn't be in the business of setting public policy. Now he's promising to "create a stable economic environment." Are there any journalists in this State paying attention to Judge Koschnick's numerous contradictions?

Or who understand the role of the appellate courts?

"I am interested ... not [in] whether [Robert] Bork has a persuasive or plausible constitutional philosophy, but whether he has any constitutional philosophy at all." — Ronald Dworkin, 08/13/87

Emphasis added.


xoff said...

Better question: Are there any journalists in this state?

Other Side said...

So how come Scooter Jensen is still out after all these years? Does this mean Koschnik would throw his ass in jail immediately if elected?

illusory tenant said...

Koschnick says he "is committed to ... putting criminals behind bars." Note the present (and presumably future) tense. Except that isn't what the Supreme Court does. It's what he does in his current position. So evidently it's an endorsement for Shirley Abrahamson.

Always take a strict constructionist at his word.

Mpeterson said...

"favoring criminal defendants' rights over public safety"...

Words fail after something like this, -- except maybe these: I'd like to know if there's a journalist left in Wisconsin, too.