March 10, 2009

8.62% favor Koschnick: MacGyver

Wisconsin's latest right-wing "think tank" the MacGyver Institute has released the results of some recent polling pertaining to next month's State elections, including the Supreme Court race.

A Republican outfit in Virginia called Public Opinion Strategies (which reduces to the unfortunate acronym 'POS') managed to convince Madison, WI's WKOW-TV to print its press release without comment.

"Nearly half the likely voters have not settled on a candidate," emphasizes the pollster, while failing to point out that nearly half have settled on a candidate: Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson.

The poll, which involved 500 likely voters and a margin of error of 4.38%, was conducted late last month. Forty-one percent had already decided to vote for Abrahamson which, given the poll's margin of error, may well be more than the reported number of undecideds.

Meanwhile, Jefferson County Circuit Judge Randy Koschnick's campaign person Seamus Flaherty seems unaware that a Beatles reunion has been physically impossible for at least +/-28 years.

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Terrence Berres said...

Meanwhile, the WJCIC has been all but dormant.

illusory tenant said...

You prefer it that way, don't you?

Terrence Berres said...

I'd be more interested in a candid response to that question from the supreme court candidates' campaign advisers.