March 8, 2009

A consortium of one

A person going by the name of "Justice" has started a blog called WICourtWatch in order to ... well, who knows what exactly.

A recent post — there is but one other — consists of reproducing in its entirety (including, amusingly, the copyright warning) a 1993 Milwaukee Journal item attributing to mysterious sources* the claim that Wisconsin Supreme Court Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson was deemed "too controversial" by then-President Clinton.

Whatever that's supposed to mean. Too Wisconsin-y?

Even if it were true, it's hardly remarkable or even interesting, as President Clinton was notoriously allergic to engaging in Senate confirmation battles over his nominees to the federal judiciary.

Ho hum.

* The one identified source is the axe-grinding "libertarian" Clint Bolick, who praised a Bush II nominee to the D.C. Circuit for drawing inspiration from the dirty hippie consortium Buffalo Springfield.

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