January 29, 2009

Who cares.

AM radio yeller Belling refuses to "shill" for Randy Koschnick.

h/t Jim Bouman.


Display Name said...

He may not be as sharp as Shirley just yet, but I am confident that Koschnick did his best in defending Oswald.

Says Belling: "Count me out. The day I sell out my convictions to shill for the former legal advocate for the murderer of a cop, like Jefferson County Judge Randy Koschnick, is the day there is no point in my show or this column to exist. Van Hollen, Koschnick and others who talk conservative but walk liberal do not advance the interests of anything we believe in. Carrying their water is nothing more than selling out."

Because the accused don't deserve justice in Belling's conservative world, and anyone who swishes their hips otherwise must be a liberal.

What's brown and sounds like a Bell-ing?


Advance the interests of anything we believe in... Gosh, that doesn't sound like strict interpretation to me.

Or maybe Belling's right. Think of all the tax dollars we could save! I mean, if everyone knows that someone committed a crime, what's the purpose in letting them have their day in court? Who doesn't want to pay less taxes? We could just execute them once the news media had tired of covering the story. Case closed. Except we wouldn't need cases any longer. Just cops with more power to find the susp..., I mean the convicted.

capper said...

Koschnick is probably ecstatic that he doesn't have Belling to drag him down. Loophole Randy can do it all by himself now!