January 13, 2009

First, issue a full disclosure

Re: Issue an injunction

By all means, editorialize against the City of Milwaukee's proposed sick leave ordinance. And by all means, defend the reasoning of the Metropolitan Milwaukee Association of Commerce's lawsuit against the city seeking to prevent the ordinance's implementation.

And by all means, publicly urge the presiding circuit court judge to rule in MMAC's favor at the latter's motion hearing on Feb. 6.*

But do disclose that Steven J. Smith, the chairman and CEO of the Journal-Sentinel's parent corporation, is an officer of MMAC and as such was among those who authorized the lawsuit in November.

This information may be useful to a reader.

* Not Jan. 29, as the J-S editorial board tells us. Also, does the editorial board actually believe it can influence a judge's disposition on the motion? Talk about delusions of grantor.


Scot1and said...

Perhaps we could also point out that in opposing 9to5's motion for intervention MMAC relied on heavily on Justice Butler's concurrence in Hedgland, 2008 WI 9.

See Butler wasn't such a bad guy after all.

xoff said...

Perhaps we could ask for disclosure of how many sick days Mr. Smith and Journal Communications employees get.