January 27, 2009

Sykes: Free to be me and me

I'm told that exurban medium wave radio shouter Charlie Sykes is quite the principled proponent of free speech.

For example, he'll valiantly defend the substitution of a Nazi Swastika for the Star of David on a "parody" bumper sticker against the legitimate concerns of a local ecumenical group.

But when it comes to the Brew City Brawler pointing out Sykes's comical double standards, meh, not so much.


Anonymous said...

And of course he is free to put that up on his own personal blog, just as Tom was free to put his bumper sticker parody on his personal blog. Brew City Brawler has no right to a place on Charlie's blog though.

Though as a matter of course, I dislike comment moderation greatly, and I don't frequent Charlie's blog, partially for that reason.

But Brew City Brawler has no RIGHT to speech there.

illusory tenant said...

Rights? Rights come from God.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely true.
I would point out, though, that Charlie ridicules claims that he screens or cuts off callers. He also likes to periodically say he's posting all the comments he receives to show off the hate and vitriol of the hate left. Except, you know, when it's counterproductive.

Other Side said...

That seems to be a common tactic of quite a few of the local conservative bloggers. You either get banned or your comment goes down the memory hole.