January 2, 2009

End Times for Gonzo

Andrew Cohen brutalizes Alberto Gonzales:
Instead of pretending he is a martyr, and thereby insulting the brave public officials who did stand up for the Constitution these past eight years, maybe Gonzales could instead become a professor at Pat Robertson’s Regent University, the third-tier* law school whose graduates (Monica Goodling, for one) turned into the hacks that ruined the credibility of the Justice Department. Takes one to teach one, right? Whatever.
Muy Ouch.

* Fourth-tier, actually.

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Anonymous said...

A commenter on that story has an important point:

...What bothers me most is that CBS would not have published this piece two years ago. It has only been since Bush''s approval ratings began to slide that the MSM... started covering the catastrophe that has been this administration, even though many of us have been fully aware of it from Bush''s first day in office... One of the most tragic fatalities of the last eight years has been freedom of the press. The world can hardly blame American voters for reelecting this pig when they were being fed slop throughout his first term, thanks to a lapdog press.

"Five years ago" would be less contestable, and more to the point, though.