January 3, 2009

Our godly inauguration

Via the blog Feminist Law Professors, a few additional pearls of wisdom courtesy the renowned "Pastor" Rick Warren.
Here’s Rick Warren’s response to the whole controversy: those who oppose his presence at the inauguration have engaged in "hate speech" and are "Christophobes."

There shouldn't be much doubt on the issue among progressives and feminists. Doesn't Warren's response make that clear?
It was already more than clear enough beforehand but, yes.

And beyond even "Pastor" Warren's comically ill-informed homophobia, there's also his atavistic, patriarchal sexism:
According to Warren, it is better to maintain an abusive relationship than seek the immediate relief of divorce.

Warren’s views give abusive spouses one more tool to control their victims: the Bible.

His teaching undermines the resolve of women who are debating ending an abusive marriage. According to Warren, a Christian who divorces another Christian will ultimately look back and say, "I told myself it was for a right reason but now I realize it was more my selfishness than anything else."
Great call, Obama. Change, we need. Not more of this drek.

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