January 28, 2009

Poor Charlie Sykes

He's so sad and disappointed that Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce won't be on hand to provide its trademark corrosive influence on this spring's Supreme Court election (or so it claims).

Not to worry, Charlie Sykes will pick up the slack.

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Scot1and said...

But I will:


Display Name said...

And I'll connect a few dots, too. Jefferson County's DA at the time of Demler was David Wambach, a crew-cut Republican who recently resigned to take a AAG position under Van Hollen.

In the DA race resulting from his pre-announced resignation, Wambach backed Peter Tempelis, who he hired as an ADA even before he finished law school. At the time of the race, he had less than three year's experience. Little birds around here think Wambach's new job was a tit-for-tat, due to Tempelis's personal family connections to Van Hollen.

Tempelis was not saved by the brat-fry with Tommy and did not win the race.

Jim Bouman said...

Somebody else not really on the bandwagon for Koschnick

"Count me out. The day I sell out my convictions to shill for the former legal advocate for the murderer of a cop, like Jefferson County Judge Randy Koschnick, is the day there is no point in my show or this column to exist."

Mark Belling in today's Waukesha Freeman