January 24, 2009

Pope recommunicates holocaust denier

"I believe there were no gas chambers," sez Catholic bishop.

Good news for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and David Duke, also.


Tom said...

Richard Williamson is a wackaloon. I'm convinced the SSPX is filled with nutjobs and idiots.

illusory tenant said...

Andrew Sullivan is livid.

Tom said...

Honestly, I could care less what that windbag Sullivan thinks. However, I'll say this in the Pope's defense ... he's probably more concerned about getting the sheep Williamson purportedly tends to back into the fold, than he is about Williamson himself. Once the SSPX merges, then he can deal with Williamson, who I believe is probably pushing the limits intentionally (knowing the extent of things going on right now in terms of the reconciliation efforts). Williamson is an attention whore, always has been IMNSHO, and he's milking the moment for what it is.

It doesn't mean the Pope supports those ideas. If it were merely Williamson coming back into the fold, and not thousands of faithful, the whole thing would probably be put on hold ... but in the truth of the matter, it's much bigger than that. At least from this Catholics POV.

illusory tenant said...

But Sullivan is the only Catholic I know!

Seriously, though, you make some very good points, as usual.

Tom said...

The only Catholic you know? What am I? Chopped liver?