January 30, 2009

Math is hard

Judge Randy Koschnick, as promised by an anonymous commenter at this location, has released his "calculations" to the Wheeler Report.

For example Michael Gableman, according to Koschnick campaign person Seamus Flaherty, has participated in two decisions whose docket number contains the suffix "-CR" as of January 30, 2009.

Except the correct number is three. Makes you wonder about any of the larger figures on Flaherty's document. It's occasionally observed that lawyers' facility with numbers is tenuous, but this is ridiculous.

(The Chief Justice also "voted against the criminal" in all three.)


William Tyroler said...

Koschnick claims not simply that Chief Justice Abrahamson has been "pro-defendant" 60% of the time, but that she led Justice Butler, who was a mere 49% pro-defendant. I wonder if this means that Gableman's supporters, who pegged Justice Butler's pro-defendant rulings at an eye-popping 70-75% clip, "cooked" their data. Or whether Koschnick has cooked his. Or whether the whole exercise is silly.

illusory tenant said...

Ye gods. I still cringe at Prof. Esenberg's defense of that rubbish.

illusory tenant said...

Also, that gaggle of "conservatives" at the bottom of the list is all the more reason the C.J. should remain on the bench, not an argument in favor of why there should be yet another one of them.

William Tyroler said...

This is rapidly becoming a joke (more on that theme momentarily). Koschnick's press release is semi-literate. (I don't think he quite knows the definition of "stridently," and it's hard to tell what he means by reference to "her decisions that have greatly expanded liability." Just what the electorate wants: a supreme court justice putting his name to drivel.)

Here's an interesting factoid I'd completely forgotten: Before finding a shill to tout the 70-75% "pro-defendant" leanings of Butler, Gableman claimed

that Butler has sided with criminals 60% of the time. ... Gableman said the 60% figure came from a study by an outside group.

At the time, iT asked mordantly ("stridently," one presumes, in Koschnick's world): "Is that supposed to be some kind of a joke?" The joke was on us. Wonder how long before Koschnick jacks up the Chief's pro-defendant rating to the 75% nosebleed area.