January 20, 2009

Milwaukee North Shore Inaugural Ball

Hesitant as I am to convince anyone to peel off from the venerable Drinking Liberally festivities at the Sugar Maple in Bay View, there's at least one other sublime bacchanalia scheduled in town:

Bradley’s Nightclub4740 W. Bradley Rd.
Doors open at 6:00.
Music, food, and other surprises. Cash bar available.
$17 at the door, proceeds to the Second Harvest food bank.

With your gracious host, Mr. Keith R. Schmitz.

There will be a raucous set at roughly 8-ish p.m. performed by:

Mike Plaisted and The Change (We Can Believe In)

feat. Himself — guitar / vocals
Ron White — drums, percussion
Your humble scribe — bass guitar

"Trust us, we're professionals."

eta: Thank you, Aretha, for blowing Rick Warren off the stage.

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