January 10, 2012

Your WISGOP lawyers in the news

On Friday, an attorney for former Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice Louis Butler sent WISGOP attorney Michael Dean a letter accusing him of libel* and asking him to retract some of his statements. On Monday, Dean in a letter acknowledged he got some facts wrong, including what case Butler discussed with former Governor Jim Doyle's judicial selection committee.
Well done, you WISGOP lawyers. You cover yourselves in glory. It's about time Butler went after their racket. They're fortunate he's a gentleman.

Very much unlike the unethical judge who took his place.

* That the WISGOP lawyer Michael Dean's "patently false [assertions] ... may constitute libel" is not, strictly speaking, an accusation of libel.

eta: Here's Dean's reply. He blames his failure to verify his patently false assertions of fact on "a computer drive failure" and his hours otherwise spent on commuting from Waukesha County to Madison. Compelling stuff, in the apparent absence of your proverbial homework-hungry dog.

IOW, sorry I'm full of bullshit but at least I got the bullshit there on time.

Classic. Some lame excuses are far, far better left unproffered.


Mike said...

I don't see how Gableman can continue much longer, he's going to have to recuse himself from half the cases coming before the Supreme Court. Forget about his opponents, his friends are starting to worry. No telling how long there will be a Republican governor to appoint his replacement, for one thing.

illusory tenant said...

Remember when Gableman motioned to have Justice Crooks disqualified from participating in Gableman's ethics case? Can't blame a fella for tryin.' I wonder who put Gableman up to that move, Bopp or McLeod.

AutismNewsBeat said...

Waukesha to Madison. What is that, about 45 mins?

AutismNewsBeat said...

Waukesha to Madison, wow! What a killer commute. That's like 45 minutes, man!