January 17, 2012

Statement of Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett

On Scott Walker's "deception":
"I stand with the hundreds of thousands of ordinary Wisconsin citizens who have had enough of Walker's cynical politics that try to divide the people of our State." — via The Wheeler Report
Sounds like a candidate. An aggressive one.

Meanwhile Walker is off shaking down out-of-State agitators.*

* This Maurice Greenberg? He leases at 399 Park Avenue.


Jake formerly of the LP said...

I got the opposite impression when I read Barrett's words, and when I saw him on Al Sharpton's show tonight. He sort of blew off the idea that he'd be a candidate, but did say the right things about how Walker was putting in a national vs. Wisconsin agenda.

On the other hand, Erpenbach certainly did sound like someone who wants a shot at running, and admitted he's been thinking about it. There were also items from Erpenbach's meeting in Waukesha that seemed to show he was leaning toward getting in.

Barrett could be very valuable on the stump supporting the Dem candidate while coasting to another term as mayor in the state's largest city, and Erpenbach or Barca could be the fiery candidate that would keep the momentum going. Then the new guv could finally give Barrett and Milwaukee the support it deserves and hasn't gotten for decades.

illusory tenant said...

Fair perspective. I missed Barrett but saw a bit of Erpenbach. I think Erpenbach should have a go. Or this guy.