January 5, 2012

Mac Davis goes after Big Lefties like Bugs Bunny

WISGOP activist judge forces unfunded mandate on GAB
"Counting the signature of Bugs Bunny is something only lawyers could try to make seem OK," said Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Mac Davis.
What the hell does that even mean?
WISGOP attorney Steven M. Biskupic* cited a media report that one man claimed he'd signed recall petitions 80 times.
That was WISN-12 teevee in Milwaukee's total crock of unverified shite. Mr. Biskupic actually believes that crap? Give me a break.

Interlude: Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me

How's the GAB supposed to know that "Mac Davis" isn't a comic pseudonym like "Bugs Bunny"? At least Bugs Bunny wasn't a conservative activist judge. And there are Hitlers in Wisconsin.

* Yep: Michael Best & Friedrich.


Anonymous said...

It seems that the real question in this case not whether it's ok to count bugs bunny's petition. Instead, the real question is who is responsible for finding and challenging bugs bunny's petition: the government, or the party adverse to the recall.

xoff said...

Would it be inappropriate to note that Mac Davis is a former Republican state senator?