January 14, 2012

How come the Wisconsin redistricting SNAFU?

Because Acts 43 and 44 were passed creating the new State Senate, Assembly, and Congressional districts before municipalities had finished creating their local wards.
And who made that brilliant decision? Your famous WISGOP is who.

So they could have them ready for national GOP approval, no doubt.

You know who Reince Priebus works for, right? And you know who gave unethical judge Mike Gableman free legal services to ensure he stayed on the court where redistricting challenges were most likely headed: Michael Best & Friedrich and national Republican Party activist Jim Bopp.

What a racket,* and an incompetent one at that.

"Connect the dots, connect the dots." — Pee-Wee Herman

* "Syndicate" might be a better word.

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Mike said...

The boundary issues are a problem for the Republican redistricting plan. Federal judges have been exacting in demanding that districts have the same population. Also municipalities must be nested inside districts, otherwise no one knows how to prepare ballots.

In their rush last summer to beat the Senate recall elections, the Rs got sloppy. The whole point was to make Republicans safer, but they didn't have the time, data, or expertise to do it carefully. The stone-walling on refusing to have their consultants deposed is more than pig-headedness; they can't afford to have their process examined.