January 4, 2012

"Peppercorn" Gableman's attorney sanctioned

Personally sanctioned. Together with his law firm.

Now that is what I call an asskicking.

WISGOP flouted the law so egregiously that even a court noticed.
To clarify, if perhaps the Legislature's lawyers failed to read or understand the Court's prior orders entered under the heading "Before WOOD, Circuit Judge, DOW, District Judge, and STADTMUELLER, District Judge," . . .
Ouch. And that's just them gettin' warmed up.

ORDER: Plaintiffs are free to seek eleventy brazillion peppercorns.


Mike said...

When Santorum dribbles into the presidency, all federal hearings involving Republicans will be moved to Waukesha County so things like this don't happen.

Anonymous said...

Will this verbal thrashing compel the boys to comply?

illusory tenant said...

It hasn't so far. The court has been warning them since day one.