January 10, 2012

Gableman debacle now officially a "disaster"

Get me my out-of-State agitator/adrenaline junkie
The office for Mike Gableman's attorney Viet Dinh referred calls to spokesman Mark Corallo. — via the Associated Press
Meet Mark Corallo, "Master of Disaster." He had better be.

But are there any wholly speculative peppercorns left for him?

Gableman's surrounded by high-priced help, yet on a meager salary.


Anonymous said...

Someone is shelling out big bucks on Gableman's behalf. Apparently they expect a big payoff down the road. Could it be that a rigged Supreme Court is one of the lynch pins of their extremist coup?

illusory tenant said...

It's paid off at least once already with the collective bargaining law, which was passed illegally and ratified by Gableman & Co., who did so by inventing a novel form of jurisdiction found nowhere in the Wisconsin constitution.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that a rigged supreme court is one of the lynchpins. Remember, until he resigned, Eric McLeod (the MBF attorney) was on Gov. Walker's judicial selection advisory committee. The entire state court system is being rigged.

illusory tenant said...

Circumstances are certainly not inspiring public confidence in its impartiality, or especially the mere appearance of impartiality, I don't think that can be denied.