January 10, 2012

WaukCo Mac "Big Righty" Davis on appeal

Disciples of Scooter v. Brennan, Number 2012AP000032.

District IV Court of Appeals Expedited Scheduling Order (.pdf).

Pass the Orville Redenbacher's.


Anonymous said...

sorry, I'm no lawyer-what's the gist of this ruling?
and what does it effectively cause the GAB to do and do they get overtime in Walker's Wisconsin?

illusory tenant said...

No ruling yet, just the dropdead dates for the parties filing their appellate briefs.

Anonymous said...

ut the recall coalition or Wis Dems have no standing to appeal according to that republican judge- right?

illusory tenant said...

Yep, the recall committees -- those going after Walker, Kleefisch, Wanggaard, Galloway, and Moulton -- are appealing Waukesha County Circuit Court Judge Mac Davis's denial of the committees' motion to intervene in the case. The principal parties to the case are the Friends of Scott Walker and the Government Accountability Board.

Anonymous said...


illusory tenant said...

np. Here's the dates:

Jan 18: Recall committees' brief
Jan 23: Walker friends' response
Jan 26: Recall committees' reply, if they want

No oral arguments.