January 12, 2012

Who's paying Mike Gableman's lawyer Viet Dinh?

Or, for that matter, his "Master of Disaster"?
Gableman's attorney, Viet Dinh of Washington, D.C., said the resolution was nothing more than a partisan political attack that "reveals the underlying motivation and insidious nature of the attacks against Justice Gableman." — via the AP's Scott Bauer
I hope it's not much, if that's the best he can come up with. Poor Gableman. He's being attacked. What goes around comes around dude.

Mike Gableman attacks his own current colleagues fer chrissakes.

And who paid the infamous out-of-State agitator Jim Bopp? Bopp, Esq. of Terre Haute did the heavy lifting in Gableman's ethics case.* So effective was Bopp's counsel that he actually caused Justice N. Patrick Crooks to change his mind from favorable to adverse pursuant to a motion for disqualification filed against Gableman in a criminal appeal.

* And who paid Federalist Society member Anita Y. Woudenberg?

Mike Gableman is a walking make-work project for Republican lawyers.

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Palli said...

yes, just redistribution of the wealth within the republican family, just a little hush money, bribery, payola, blackmail among friends.