January 18, 2012

WISGOP: Incest is [Michael] best

[Former U.S. Attorney Steven] Biskupic and his fellow attorneys based their complaint on a piece of propaganda put out by the MacIver Institute, a "public policy think tank" funded by the ultraconservative Bradley Foundation. The Bradley Foundation is headed by Michael Grebe, former chair of the Walker gubernatorial campaign and the chair of Friends of Scott Walker, one of the organizations that filed the suit in Waukesha County.
By Lisa Kaiser.*

* Best** advocacy journalist in Wisconsin.

** Best as in the superlative, not the aforementioned WISGOP law firm.


Anonymous said...

Isn't James Troupis on the MacIver board?

illusory tenant said...

According to MacGyver's website, yes, but it also identifies him as a partner at MB&F, which he isn't. So you can't even trust MacGyver's own FAQs. Perhaps he was "carried ... feet first."

Mike said...

The Republican strategy is to stall on the assumption that time is on their side. They did that last summer too, running fake Dems in the recalls of Republican Senators to force primaries with the express purpose of delaying the elections by one month. Result, we netted two seats.

This gives them more time to raise money, but they'll be paying $300 per vote before they're done, considering how much time everyone has had to position themselves in this state. There just isn't much room to move the needle.

Walker has often said it will all blow over, but it hasn't and doesn't look like it will. I think they're dead wrong and that time is against them. National political dynamics and the developing presidential campaign are starting to kick in and that isn't going their way either.

Dostoevsky remarked in House of the Dead that condemned criminals will commit the most atrocious new crimes just to force new process and avoid the gallows for a few more weeks. It's like that.

illusory tenant said...

"[As] Dostoevsky remarked ... "

I don't have a lot of commenters but I clearly have the most literate.

Anonymous said...

I have a hunch there will be many interesting developments in the John Doe investigation between now and election day. The longer they delay, the greater are the odds of this happening.

As Hemingway said, "They're double dicked."

illusory tenant said...

And he wasn't even talking about Pierick and Russell.