May 21, 2012

One square blockhead surrounded by reality

That would be Sunny Schubert, among the "columnists" retained by the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel to "elevate the level of discussion," who vilifies the homeless* as "squalid squatters" while choosing to heap praise on — I'm not making this up — "big corporations" like Home Depot.

Presumably because a Sub-Zero carton makes adequate living quarters.

On the other hand, perhaps David Haynes and his friends on the daily paper's editorial board are to be commended for providing a platform to let conservatives make themselves look as foolish as humanly possible.**

Sunny Schubert, incidentally, is the same one who inaugurated Haynes's project with the admonition, "Dems should shut up." Yes indeed. Just kick back and marvel at Sunny Schubert's comic lack of self-awareness.

* A lot of these folks suffer from mental illnesses, so Sunny Schubert's Republican ravings are more insidious and heartless than they appear.

Not that that should come as any surprise, where one of the Grand Old Party's current golden boys is an enthusiastic disciple of Ayn Rand.

** The one who is to be commended is Caryl Davis — whose name the Journal-Sentinel's editors can't even spell correctly: they advertise her as "Carol" Davis — who made one post and apparently fled the scene.



dave said...

Sunny Shubert (aka Bright Desert) is the one who should "shut up".

You see, Brighty has been offering her opinions about issues in the local Monona Herald rag for some time now and those of us who have made the mistake of reading her scribblings already know what she is about.

Masquerading as some sort of down to earth, common-sense observer of human nature and governmental policy, Bright Desert is really a mouthpiece for the far-right. Repeating McGuyver Institution lies and distortions, Brighty regurgitates biased anti-worker garbage better than a parrot in a cage.

She's an embarrassment to Monona and a pushy, obnoxious women who thinks she's funny. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

Sunny Schubert and her spouse also use their journalism degrees to breed dogs and post Youtubes on such topics as "Puppies and Poop":

There's a connection in the yips and yaps and poops to her writing, of course, but I'm laughing too hard to type it.

Display Name said...

Sunny's only words: "Don't forget pee."

Other right-wing fashion plates are just as fascinated with it, although they have not yet made a video to demonstrate.

Other Side said...

New name: Soupy Sherbet.