May 13, 2012

MJS right-wingers to "elevate level of discussion"


Notes Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial page editor David Haynes: "Another writes regularly for a local think tank." Except three of them do, in addition to a fourth who writes regularly for WPRI, but he already has a regular column in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. What Haynes also fails to mention is that Rick Esenberg's Kulturkampf boutique law firm — which last I heard consists of Prof. Rick and Mike Gableman's former law clerk — is in essence a subsidiary of the Bradley Foundation.

Here's Prof. Rick "elevat[ing] the level of discussion."

And some observers may recall Prof. Rick's lojinks last spring, when he and his compadre James Troupis filed a frivolous lawsuit in Oconto County, the distorted fruits of which they used to underpin 14 comic faux-arrest warrants against the State's Democratic Senate caucus.

Whose idea was it to let this character teach law at a university?

Glad I got the hell out of there before he turned up.*

* Although I admit I was sworn to the bar by Justice David Prosser (following an extended homily on professional ethics, ironically enough).

Of course it could have been worse: it could have been Mike Gableman.

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