May 22, 2012

Wing-nut Freudian projects own sexual frustration

A typical suburban Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel reader responds:
There is no way that the man's wife does not have a huge effect on the conduct of the [John Doe] investigation. A man has needs and a wife with a husband that has a powerful position that can control the outcome of a political prosecution and doesn't do what his wife desires will not be seeing those needs met any time soon. This is certainly a much worse conflict of interest than even the signing of a recall petition. The sex drive is very powerful and being cut off by the wife is certain to induce bias into the case.

That's right, kids: It's pent-up semen that will bring down Scott Walker.

Well, whatever it takes, I guess.


Other Side said...

There's always hand jobs, though I suspect the commenter has first-hand knowledge, so to speak.

Display Name said...

Semen retentum venenum est.