May 6, 2012

Wisconsin Republicans: The most apt metaphor

"So much human waste it risked poisoning nearby drinking water."

If you watch this space you've likely seen this story already but it deserves as wide a circulation as Mr. Herr's human excrement.

And as does that gang of scofflaws the WISGOP's metaphorical shit so y'all can send them packing at the general election June 5 in spite of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel editorial board's ridiculous bellyaching.*
The handling of the case raises questions about whether the political and business ties of top administrators appointed by Walker are influencing their handling of law enforcement cases.
Haha ya think?

* "It also carries the potential, as [Scott] Walker told the Editorial Board this week, for setting the stage for a constant recall election cycle."

Er, no, the Wisconsin constitution did that a long time ago. Not that Walker and his henchpersons have any respect for that thing, of course.

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