May 31, 2012

GOP chairman's baldfaced lie is "disputed"

Whoever writes the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's headlines is quite the comedian. Reince Priebus, the ridiculous chairman of the Republican National Committee, tells an outright lie — that there are tens of thousands of fraudulent votes cast in the State of Wisconsin — and the Journal-Sentinel calls it an "allegation" that is merely "disputed."

"We need to do a [percentage] point or two better than where we think we need to be, to overcome it," sez R. Priebus, so you know what's coming if Tom Barrett edges Scott Walker* in the election next Tuesday.

More baseless lies dressed up as "allegations" by the local paper, which has made something of a habit of legitimating right-wing propaganda.

* Walker is quoted as saying he has no "'reason to agree or disagree' with Priebus' comments," but just the other day he was saying exactly the same thing as Priebus. At least they could keep their lies consistent.

Obviously he has a "reason to agree" if the pair are on the same page.

These clowns depend on popular stupidity — in turn fortified by disingenuous newspaper editors — in order to flourish. Wake up ffs.


Sue said...

What is the J-S trying to do? Conservatives won't touch the paper because they believe it's a liberal rag, multiple Walker endorsements and riduculous headlines notwithstanding. I can't believe any liberals with current subscriptions are going to continue supporting the paper when the most we can hope for is whatever Dan Bice (bless him for trying so hard) can come up with months after everyone's already read about it elsewhere.
I would love to know how this coverage is affecting subscriptions.

Mike said...

Conservatives do read the MJS. The "liberal bias" framing allows them to dismiss anything that dismiss anything that disagrees with their thinking.