May 14, 2012

Wis. Sen. Scott Fitzgerald: "a whiny, sexist pig"

Via Jezebel and Badger Blue.

I know for a fact that Lori Compas has been directing her own campaign since before day one and I have the private correspondence to prove it.

Indeed, Lori Compas barely had any support — if any at all — from the Democratic Party of Wisconsin until only very recently. And she's challenged Fitzgerald to several debates, whereas he's accepted none.

Possibly because he's unable to conceal his arrogance and contempt.

Video: "The Fitzgerald boys are slowin' down."

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Display Name said...

I'm still working on carving a pithy and succinct quote that would outline the ironies in claiming that the person most often staying home keeping an eye on the kids is the one suspected of running the entire campaign.

Or for that matter, that any candidate's spouse would not be supportive and helpful.

The cognitive dissonance is intense. Fitz holds that Compas is simultaneously controlled and funded by powerful union thug interests, yet her hubby must be behind it all.

I'm seeing a great number of heartfelt, handmade Compas signs in yards and fields throughout this area.