May 16, 2012

MJS: Level of discussion elevated higher still

"Tossing insults," announces Marquette University professor of law Rick Esenberg, is "the preferred approach of the Barrett camp."

That would be the same Rick Esenberg who just got done saying Milwaukee mayor and Democratic candidate for governor Tom Barrett was suffering from 'female hysteria.' And all of it at the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's project devoted to "elevating the level of discussion."

Dunno who should feel sillier, the paper or the university.

Although the paper is pretty much beyond hope at this point. I know the newspapers are dying but they don't have to be so pathetic about it.


Sonoma Badger said...

The MJS, despite Pulitzers (or maybe "in spite") is totally schizoid. The news people and watchdogs keep grinding out reports that no one else is doing ( hello AP ?), but are continually undercut by the editorial page, and more worrisome, content inclusion choice at the editorial " board" level. Yes, it's a business you are free to run in any manner you see fit, but you are not free to posture as a neutral presenter. Thanks, Illusory Tenant, for lifting the heavy loads. You are invaluable for the abstracted attention you bring to issues. Sorry it hurts.

illusory tenant said...

Thanks. But the paper and its hack conservative retreads just keep getting worse. One of the token liberals wrote one piece about Kente cloth. I hope she withdraws from the "project" in revulsion.