May 27, 2012

Anal intercourse reminds J-S reader of Scott Walker

Where does the word Sodomy or Sodomites come from and what does it mean— Sodom and Gomorrah were cities where Homosexuality was rampant and was destroyed and is a reminder to us today that the lifestyle is wrong. BTW— Do you think for a second we will not be judged the same if we allow gay marriage— Marriage is an institution created by the ALL MIGHTY and that means HE has the final word— We are fortunate God hasn't allowed us to be destroyed for domestic partnership status ... Y'all have a nice day and GO SCOTT WALKER !!! — Nascarfan
I'm not certain that anal sex is exclusive to same-sex couples, but whatever. Attempted reasoning is a waste of time with these folks.


mlhanson said...

Nice. Opinion? from Nascarfan. Aren't they the ones who draft from behind?

Display Name said...

He's just full of left turns.

anal sex said...

ahhahah funny