October 30, 2008

Richard Posner, palling around with terrorist pals

John McCain's obsession with Barack Obama is such that he can barely complete a sentence without mentioning the latter's name.

In fact McCain and his schlemile running mate's lies and fallacious attacks against Obama have become so desperate McCain is running robocalls in his home state of Arizona, where the race is tightening, just not in the direction his goofball mandarins want you to believe.

Back in June, at the Palin-McCain dead-enders Bill Kristol and Fred Barnes rag the Weekly Standard, an author even attempted smears against Senator Obama on account of the eclectic Chicago neighborhood he lives in. (Senator McCain inhabits at least seven different posh neighborhoods, so he's harder to pin down.)

Meanwhile* at the New Republic, a corrective and entertaining riposte to the Weekly Standard's ill-informed blather penned by another resident of Hyde Park. Obama actually lives in Kenwood, according to the comments to the article left by fellow residents, one of which relates an anecdote from a former constitutional law student of Obama's, who had to call the professor to reschedule an exam:
The phone call was at 3 a.m., by the way. He sounded very alert. He asked me whether the call was about national security or the economy right off the bat.
Chicago's Libertarian Liberals

Richard Posner, incidentally, is a widely respected judge on the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and professor of law at the University of Chicago who also lives in Hyde Park.

* Notice that the New Republic uses the day/month/year date format, just like they do in Marxist dystopias such as Sweden.


3rd Way said...

If I lived on Lake Drive in Shorewood I would put up McCain parody yard sign that reads:

Putz - Schlemile '08

Anonymous said...

Schlemiel! Schlimazel! Hasenpfeffer Incorporated!