October 12, 2008

More excitement for Gableman

Already facing possible discipline from a Judicial Commission complaint, state Supreme Court Justice Michael Gableman is now also under investigation by the Office of Lawyer Regulation for long-distance calls to campaign fund-raisers and donors from his office when he was a district attorney.

Madison lawyer Paul Schwarzenbart has been named special prosecutor by the Office of Lawyer Regulation in the case.

In all, 60 calls went from Gableman’s office to Republican campaign offices, [former Wisconsin Republican governor Scott] McCallum fund-raising staff, and McCallum donors in the weeks before Gableman hosted a June 2002 dinner for McCallum, records show. Most of the calls were brief, but some lasted 15 minutes or more.

McCallum appointed Gableman to be Burnett County circuit judge two months after the event.
Another Gableman investigationJournal-Sentinel

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Brett said...

Supreme buffoon. This is what a supposed "law and order" ticket gives us. Let's see that theme through.