October 21, 2008

The Framers in their wisdom

The Framers in their wisdom limited the House of Representatives to two-year terms and indeed, that is the only federal body where the original Constitution provided for direct election by "We the People."

That's because the Framers weren't completely sold on democracy, and they had a pretty good idea what sort of yahoos and kooks the people might install to the House and that two years would be more than enough time for the said yahoos and kooks to inflict their idiocy on the polity before getting turfed out in due course.

Last Friday, a wildeyed fruitcake from Minnesota called Michele Bachmann demonstrated the wisdom of the Framers when she told Chris Matthews that Senator Barack Obama "absolutely" holds "anti-American views" and demanded the press perform a "penetrating exposé" into her own Congressional colleagues' treasonous affairs.

Now today we have Robin Hayes (R-NC), who informs us that "Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God." And then lies about informing us thusly.

Anyone in search of the real East Coast elitists need look no further than the Framers of the United States Constitution.


Other Side said...

OMG. I saw that interview. I remember thinking she'd be all for neighborhood surveillance, 24/7.

Other Side said...

From the article:

Bachmann added that what she believes are Obama's most extreme positions are a health care plan akin to "socialized medicine" and a tax proposal that would "spread the wealth around."

Bachman also proved she isn't able to think beyond provided talking points.

illusory tenant said...

So-called socialized medicine beats not having any health insurance at all.