October 8, 2008

The Adler overhead projector

Last night John McCain mentioned a $3 million "overhead projector." And last month, McCain referred to planetariums as "foolishness."
Perhaps John McCain doesn’t know what a planetarium is, maybe confusing it with some kind of fancy nickelodeon device or 1893 World’s Fair attraction.

The money Senator Barack Obama got from the federal government was for Chicago’s Adler Planetarium, the country’s first planetarium. The $3M (which I think is the price of a drink holder on a B-2 bomber) is for Adler’s Sky Theater, the dome in the Adler Planetarium complex that’s devoted to teaching the night sky’s stars and constellations — a part of nature truly lost behind the glow of today’s skyscraper and strip mall parking lights.
More foolishness please.

Milwaukee has a nifty little planetarium as well, outside the physics building on the UWM campus. There's nothing foolish about it.

McCain and his soulmate pitbull, AK Gov. Sarah Palin, landed in Milwaukee tonight. Maybe he could bring her by to see the stars whose light has taken more than 6,000 years to reach the Earth.


AutismNewsBeat said...

Talk about projecting. KKKarl Rove repeated the lie about the Chicago planetarium in today's WSJ.

Tom said...

Planetariums rock.