October 9, 2008

AK Supreme Court hands McCain a defeat

By upholding a lower court ruling issued last week, which effectively slam-dunked the Republican plaintiffs on a variety of jurisdictional and State constitutional grounds (ten claims, all defeated).

A positive outcome for the McCainiacs would have required a blatant and egregious violation of the separation of powers doctrine by way of what would have to be a truly astonishing interference by the Alaska judiciary into the business of the State's legislature.

All in a day's work for a professed "judicial conservative" like John McCain, perhaps, but the AK Supreme Court wasn't buying it.

This means that a special committee of the Alaska legislature will likely release the written report of its investigation into abuse of power allegations against AK Gov. Sarah Palin tomorrow.

That would be the very report the Republicans have been laboring to suppress. Could be a spot of trouble in store for the ol' pitbull.

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